Directions to the Land

Google Maps does a great job getting you there. Our address is:

Grace Sanctuary

2249 South Rocky Trail, Burnet, Texas 76550, United States

Written Directions

1) Take Highway 183 North from Austin for approximately 53 miles to County Road 208 in Watson. {If coming from the Austin airport, take 71 West to get to Hwy 183 North; mileage on 183 will be a little bit longer Kifaru (10831 South Highway 183, Lampasas, TX 76550), a wild & exotic animal auction business, is directly across the street (on the right) from CR 208, which is on the left.

Along the way you will go through Cedar Park, Leander and Seward Junction. Watson is 24 miles from Seward Junction. Watson is a very small community where 183 is intersected by RM 963. CR 208 is just North of 963. 

Landmarks in Watson are: on the east side, a wood-frame church, a cemetery and Kifaru an exotic game enterprise, just after RM 963 and before CR 208; and on the west side, the entrance to Moffitt Ranch, just after CR 208.

2) Take a LEFT on County Road 208 West and continue for exactly 6.0 miles until you will see an unimproved dirt road (South Rocky Trail) on the right. Watch for the street sign for South Rocky Trail.

Along the way you will cross 7 cattle-guards and 2 low-water-crossings before coming to the unimproved road where you will turn right. You will drive for almost 3 miles before coming to the first cattle-guard. The first low-water-crossing is after the third cattle-guard and is not dramatic, however the second one is, complete with flood gauge. This waterway is called South Rocky Creek. The unimproved road is the second opportunity to turn right, beyond this second low-water-crossing. CR 208 is a narrow road with a) sharp turns, b) encroaching trees, and 3) all manner of creatures (ie., cows, dogs, cats, coyotes, birds, others) wandering about with wild abandon, so drive cautiously.

3) Turn RIGHT onto South Rocky Trail (the unimproved dirt road) from CR 208. Continue for 2.1 miles to the end of the road. The entrance to the land is the gate on the RIGHT side, at the very end.

PLEASE RESPECT the neighbors by driving slowly on South Rocky Trail (do not exceed 20 mph), to keep the dust down, and limiting damage to the road surface.

Along the way (within the first mile) you will encounter narrow, sharp turns, cross the creek again and cross a drainage pipe that may not be completely covered, so proceed slowly. The creek bed is solid rock and is usually easy to get through. At the end of the second mile, you will come to a pair of gates that cross the road. Ours is the one on the right. Please be sure to close the gate after coming through.

Directions to the Land (From Lampasas / North of the Land)

1) Following Highway 183 south, go about a mile south of Lampasas, and turn RIGHT on County Road 4006 (at Lampasas Monuments).