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This message board is for discussions
among Grace Sanctuary members.  
Directions to Grace Sanctuary - Our Ceremonial Land
Directions to the land where the Lone
Star Sun Dance and other ceremonies
are held, near Lampasas, Texas.
General Information - who we are
Grace Sanctuary is a group committed to expressing the grace of a
higher power in our lives. We practice our faith through ceremony and
service. Our commitment is to practice loving God as we understand God,
our neighbors and ourselves. Please read the
Pilamaye Code.
Lone Star Sun Dance - *** CELEBRATING OUR 21st YEAR ***
A link to the information for the current Lone Star Sun Dance, including
dates and links to previous sun dance posters.
Observations of Interest
A blog where Michael Hull and Elders
can post things from time to time,
and others are able to comment.

Grace Sanctuary Projects
This message board is for prayer
requests & announcements.
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