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Many of us have been blessed to know Victoria Chipps, Grandma or
Unci. We who know her regard her as wise, kind, compassionate, and

This scholarship program is established in her name. The scholarship
will benefit a female student at
Sinte Gleksa University who, in the
opinion of the school, is most representative of these qualities.

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Grace Sanctuary Victoria Chipps Scholarship
On the reservations, winter is brutal. Temperatures routinely fall below freezing and stay there for long
periods. Often, people
have heating systems in their homes; however, they have no means to obtain the
propane necessary to operate those systems. Each winter, many people die on the reservations by
freezing to death - especially elders and children, whom are most susceptible to the cold.

In an effort to halt these tragic and unnecessary deaths, Grace Sanctuary has an account with a local
gas supplier. We sponsor several families with the propane necessary to heat their homes, and in many
cases, also to cook their food. Additionally, we are able to provide emergency funds for people needing
help during the winter.

To help in this effort, please send your contribution to Grace Sanctuary, indicating that you wish your
contribution to be applied to the "Propane for Elders" program.  You will be literally warming the hearts
of our precious and disappearing elders. You can help with a one-time contribution, or a monthly
Grace Sanctuary Propane-For-Elders Program
We are researching a Micro-Loan program.  Check back as details develop.
Grace Sanctuary Micro-Loan program
Fall 2007 Scholarship Notice
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